On This Food Poisoned Tuesday

Hard to believe that just 8 hours ago I was keeled over in pain cursing the germ Gods for whatever virus was causing my tummy troubles.  While I’m grazing over the the thought that I will most likely regret this bag of cheddar popcorn at some point in the next few hours, I still can’t help but feel the remaining afterglow from my wonderful weekend.

What?  Did you think this blog was going to be about the egg that wronged me?  No such luck.  I’m using this space to describe the random awesomeness that was my weekend and to lure you into reading a poem.

Saturday night was a night full of novelty and experiences that were instantly etched in my brain as “memories to hold on to”.  Hula hooping on a rooftop and discovering hidden piano rooms in an old hotel in the middle of the night.  Watching hippies play in the downtown streets of a major city.  It was like seeing wildlife on the highway with all of the cars peacefully passing by around them.

Anyway, anytime that strangers can come together in love and create an awesome night of memories accompanied by the warm feeling of partying for a good cause * insert “Save Camp Zoe” here* http://www.campzoe.com ; it’s a good night.

This is already pretty long but the whole point of this was to share my afterglow from that night and this poem that flowed out of me after my last Hippiefest at Zoe before it was raided.

                                                                                            Love, This unsteady, ever-ready, Massive force to reckon with, Knee knocker, shell shocker, Faith stealer, wound healer                                                  Weightless, faceless, Whisper                                                                                    That hits you like a ton of bricks,                                                 Mind bending, smile creating,                                                    Unseen, disrespected, misunderstood                                       Creator of all things good.                                                 This love in you,                                            This love in me,                                                                Is greater than anything                                                      That a man could make                                                        With only his hands,                                                                   The unfortunate truth                                                               Is that most cannot see, cannot feel                                               The strength of love                                                                   As it connects us all, Infinitely.                                                                  Love,                                                                                        This glorious, extraordinary                                                         Center from which bliss is spawned,                                             Is all I need                                                                     To keep alive in me,                                                                   This hope for a better world.

Peace, Love, and Light folks…hope you enjoyed this hippie inspired blog post. ^_^

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Annual Book Quiz

My lovely friend Sara made a cute little entry to her annual book quiz.  You’ll find no such fanciness here, but I’m new to this so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. ^_^

1. What is on your reading list for 2011?
Breaking Open The Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of  Contemporary Shamanism by Daniel Pinchbeck (This was really started in 2010 but I tend to come down with a case of reading ADD often…this book will be finished.)

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Then We Came to The End by Joshua Ferris (This one’s been checked out of the library so long I might as well just buy it with the fines I’ve worked up.)

Sweet Kisses by Me…yeah, I know, I’m in desperate need of a read through and final draft but the ADD spreads even to my own projects.

Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion by Jeffrey J. Kripal

That’s the end of my short list for now…I tend to add books as I go through the year based on what I find interesting at the time whether it be for random research, soul searching or pure entertainment, but good or bad I’ll definitely share them all here.

2. What was the best fiction book you read in 2010?
That seems like a loaded question, it’s definitely a tie between The Unamed by Joshua Ferris, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith, and the final book of The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins…I refuse to choose.

3. What book was the biggest let down in 2010?
I honestly can’t remember the full name but it was a book on healing through sacred Taoist sex.  It turned into some couple’s counseling manual and I bailed.  I bail on many books.

4. Do you remember the first short story you wrote as a kid? What was it about?
The first one that I actually remember was a riveting Halloween tale from summer school when I was twelve.  My mom still has it, it was that good(in her opinion)  perhaps I’m a late literary bloomer.

5. Do you keep track of the books you read?
In my head, and that’s not such a reliable source, but if they are really good or really bad I keep them forever etched in my mind..even if I can’t remember the actual titles. -_-

6. How many books are on your TO READ list?
The few I listed above thus far, maybe a few more, I’ll leave the counting to you.

7. Where is your favorite reading spot?

It really depends on what mood I’m in, either quiet isolation in my room or multi-tasking while watching tv.  I love love LOVE listening to audio books in the car as well.

8. How many books (fiction + non-fiction) did you read in 2010?
No clue, but with the severe case of book ADD I was hit with this past year I’m sure it’s less than 10.

9. Do you read more than one book at once?
I do, but I think that’s what sparks the reading ADD, I need to start committing to one and finishing it before I crack open the next.  Old habits die hard.

10. Do you read more fiction or non-fiction?

In previous years I would say fiction definitely, but non-fiction books on spirituality, understanding personality types and other quirky things have recently peaked my interest to no end.  I would say I read an equal amount of both.

Ah the end of the quiz yaaaay…now to come up with clever things to tell you in future blogs ^_^  Much love and hippie hugs to you.

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Hello world!

My first attempt at a real blog.  I shall not fail!  This actually looks like it will be a lot of fun…and I get tons more writing space than I do on twitter lol.  Speaking of, follow me @adrianacjackson

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