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I am a Massage Therapist/Hippie/Writer, trying my hand at a real blog for the first time. I hope you enjoy my ponderings and other blog entries ^_^

On This Food Poisoned Tuesday

Hard to believe that just 8 hours ago I was keeled over in pain cursing the germ Gods for whatever virus was causing my tummy troubles.  While I’m grazing over the the thought that I will most likely regret this … Continue reading

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Annual Book Quiz

My lovely friend Sara made a cute little entry to her annual book quiz.  You’ll find no such fanciness here, but I’m new to this so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. ^_^ 1. What is on your … Continue reading

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Hello world!

My first attempt at a real blog.  I shall not fail!  This actually looks like it will be a lot of fun…and I get tons more writing space than I do on twitter lol.  Speaking of, follow me @adrianacjackson

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